Fallout 4 Gameplay Demo at E3 and Other Announcements

Just last night, Todd Howard of Bethesda Games Studios walked on stage at E3 to everyone’s delight; when Todd Howard shows up, we know we’re in for some epic revelations in upcoming game design. You can find my coverage of the press conference here. Below is a video that reveals about half of what was covered during the conference.

Absolutely, that footage is really exciting. But my favorite segment was when Todd Howard announced the feature that allows you to basically build your own commune. Breaking down materials you find in the wasteland of Boston, you can build your own settlements packed with gardens, power generators, and vendors that attract NPCs. Not all those NPCs will want to join you though, so you’ll need to arm your settlement with turrets and other defense obstacles. Check out the footage below and try not to wear a nice pair of pants while you watch.

No word yet on whether or not the console versions of the game will support the strong modding community that has always made amazing content for PC versions of past Bethesda games. It’s been a feature many have been begging Bethesda for, though. So maybe we’ll hear something about that in the future. To be honest, I’d be surprised.

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